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Creative Responses on Dalit Feminism By Teenagers: Part 2 of 3

This is one of the microadvocacy projects by the teen fellows of Orikalankini’s 13 week teen fellowship. Each week the teens meet an activist(Anannya G Madonna, Abirami Jotheeswaran and Priyadharshini) from a marginalised group to hear from them and express or apply their learnings in an art form. Applications for this is free but rigorous. The fellowship opens in June every year. Please follow orikalankini on facebook and instagram to be updated.

For this assignment, each fellow had to research questions for and have a telephonic interview with a Dalit feminist. We also had an activist speak to them and answer their questions for an hour. They have expressed their learnings in various forms.

  1. Diya

2. Khushi

3. Tenzin

I got to interview dalit feminist Priyadharsini.
And I felt that it doesn’t really matter whatever the roots you belong to but the thing that matters is you work hard yourself and you need to beautify yourself just like this lotus flower whose root is dipped in mud but still manages to shine out.

Artist Bios

I am Diya, I shine when I use my passion to read and write to create a world where people know their potential and have no resentment towards each other irrespective of their diversity.
You can reach me through instagram – @blithesquesttoread and my blog –

I’m Khushi Patel an 18 aged teen. Presently working on myself in respect to understand the world out there a bit better.
I shine when I use my deep sense of emotions and calm, gentle way of expression to connect, galvanize, nurture people in order to create a safer place in the world for women and children with awareness about sex education and sexual abuse.
You could connect me via Instagram my username Id is @khwaab_khushi
Or mail which is

Fundraiser for the work I do:

I am Tenzin Noryang and i shine when i use my creativity and hardwork to support and motivate people in order to make earth a safe place for everyone.

Fundraiser for the work I do :

Published by The Delek Archives

This project intends to archive instances of identity and religion-based discrimination in schools. It will map policies, surveys, curriculum evaluation and self-reflections; with a larger goal to providing a vision for justice, equity and inclusivity in school education.

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