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Mapping the Journey of Being a Teacher

After a brief hiatus of one and half years; a phase that I now recollect as a sabbatical from the world of higher academia, I finally enrolled myself in a B.Ed course in one of the most reputed colleges in Kolkata. Owing to the pressure from the larger societal norms of doing something ‘productive’, cateringContinue reading “Mapping the Journey of Being a Teacher”

Mid-Day Meal Scheme–An Unconventional Analysis

One important attribute that is essential not just for survival but also for the optimum physical and mental growth of children, is nutrition.  From the mere availability of food to the luxury of choices available in food, food teaches children the functioning of the society. It thus plays a very important role in a child’sContinue reading “Mid-Day Meal Scheme–An Unconventional Analysis”

Padhoge Likhoge Banoge Nawab

A study of socio-cultural deprivation towards access and inclusivity within Indian schools A recent incidence of police brutality in Minnesota, U.S.A, led to the death of a 46 year old black man named George Floyd. The ensuing global outrage at the heinous incident sparked a debate in India as well. Riding on the tide ofContinue reading “Padhoge Likhoge Banoge Nawab”