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Islamophobia in Schools: A Photo Essay

–By Insha Bint Bashir Artist Note: Creative photography needs a lot of props and a proper set which newcomers in the field of photography like me do not have access to. If there was no lockdown and I could go outside and have a model, it would have been to my satisfaction. I tried capturing someContinue reading “Islamophobia in Schools: A Photo Essay”

When a Child’s Faith is Shaken

Translator’s Note: The article was originally published in Bangla in Anandabazar Patrika on 27th October, 2015. It was translated by the Delek Team and published with the author’s permission. This is a completely true incident. Father and Son are watching Salman’s Khan’s new commercially successful film on TV. In one of the scenes, a fewContinue reading “When a Child’s Faith is Shaken”

Schools: Identifying Strands of Discrimination Through Anecdotes

When asked to write or say something about schools, most people would certainly seek the comforting refuge offered by the warm, albeit threadbare, clichés that cushion the topic, hiding the unsightly edges, lest it should be deemed hurtfully impolite. Singing paeans to such institutions of learning and reminiscing about those lost ‘golden days’ of mirthContinue reading “Schools: Identifying Strands of Discrimination Through Anecdotes”