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A Student from One of the Best Colleges in the Country

— By Ritika Last year I got admitted to one of the best colleges in our country, ranked according to all kinds of government and private agencies. The college believes only in meritocracy. To get admission, all you need are high percentages and approximately 20 thousand as admission fees and just a little luck toContinue reading “A Student from One of the Best Colleges in the Country”

Sports Education in India

–By Poulomi Kundu Sports Education in Curriculum: Does including Sports as a subject leverage its actual potential in moulding young minds?   Traditionally, sports have never been an integral part of Indian educational system. Just having Physical Education (PE) classes in schools without any comprehensive and inclusive curriculum framework does not address the needs of childrenContinue reading “Sports Education in India”

What Are We Invisibilizing in Our EE Curriculum?

–By Santanu Ghosh As the global pandemic rages on, we are yet to come to terms with this invisible enemy that has claimed nearly a million lives worldwide. Theories abound as to where it originated, but there is little doubt that the spread of the virus has been aided by poor environmental regulations. The CDCContinue reading “What Are We Invisibilizing in Our EE Curriculum?”

‘Digital Divide’ for Indian Schools; and Some Other Related Things

An Incomplete Reading List This was conceived as an article initially. However, as the months rolled and the sense of uncertainty increased, schools grew more and more uncompromising towards students and teachers, the debilitating effects of which I could see first-hand at home. With rising anxiety and the undue stress of unreasonable work hours, unnecessaryContinue reading “‘Digital Divide’ for Indian Schools; and Some Other Related Things”

Creative Responses on Dalit Feminism By Teenagers: Part 3 of 3

This is one of the microadvocacy projects by the teen fellows of Orikalankini’s 13 week teen fellowship. Each week the teens meet an activist(Anannya G Madonna, Abirami Jotheeswaran and Priyadharshini) from a marginalised group to hear from them and express or apply their learnings in an art form. Applications for this is free but rigorous. The fellowship opensContinue reading “Creative Responses on Dalit Feminism By Teenagers: Part 3 of 3”