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Two Stories

Author Note: Both the stories here are based on experiences I’ve had within higher educational spaces. However, the dominant caste biases that I present in the stories inform conversations on teaching and assessment practices in schools as well. Discriminatory notions of merit and entitlement shape a large part of schooling discourse, which frequently get bolsteredContinue reading “Two Stories”

The Importance and Potential of Entrepreneurship Education in India

A Critical Inquiry about Caste, Networking and Education On Republic Day, 2013, two billionaires, Kalpana Saroj and Milind Kamble, members of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce (DICCI) featured among the Padma awardees. “The award was less a celebration of material wealth and more one of human triumph over adversity as these two awardees overcameContinue reading “The Importance and Potential of Entrepreneurship Education in India”

School Stories

I am told that caste-based reservation in educational institutions is unfair to the upper-caste Hindu This is not a confession.  This is not composed to absolve me of the guilt stemming from having become more aware of my own privilege (and I say this to make a small gesture from within this report against confessionsContinue reading “School Stories”