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About the Archive

This project intends to archive instances of identity and religion-based discrimination in schools. It will map policies, surveys, curriculum evaluation and self-reflections; with a larger goal to providing a vision for justice, equity and inclusivity in school education. This project is a research initiative of the Delek Education Foundation.


Anjali Ramesh

Anjali Ramesh is a psychology graduate with a keen interest in gender studies, education, and issues of social justice. She believes in the role one’s experiences play in developing a social consciousness. Having recently completed the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University, she is exploring different opportunities that connect her to education, feminism, and more importantly, her love for reading and writing. Besides these, she also volunteers at a COVID-19 relief initiative, pursues music and her new-found passion for outline drawing and watercolours.

Ayesha Begum

Ayesha Begum has done her graduation and masters in English from Jamia Millia Islamia and Presidency University respectively. She is currently pursuing her B.Ed course from St. Xavier’s College, (Autonomous) Kolkata. She juggles between teaching kids and parenting a cat at home. Part time musing in her own solitary dreams and part time reading graphic novels and poems, she wants to pursue a full time course as a teacher and is awaiting her story to be told.

Barnamala Roy

Barnamala Roy has a M.A. in English from Presidency University, Kolkata. She reads an assortment of things, watches and thinks about films, philosophizes, befriends birds and feels she is more at home in the animal and plant kingdom. A freelance writer, editor and translator, she has been  developing video-content for an Educational App-Notebook for the last two years. In a pre-pandemic world, she took time off each month and travelled to remote areas in West Bengal (with a special focus on the Indian Sundarbans) for fieldwork (and sanity). 

Bhaswar Faisal Khan

A post graduate from the University of Delhi, a Young India Fellow, currently working towards making an equitable impact in the education space in India. Bhaswar runs The Delek Education Foundation, which is committed to bringing about reading based interventions in learning, and helping develop socio-emotional capacities in children through free libraries.

He is the co-founder of The Delek Archives.

Hiba Ahmed

Hiba Ahmed is a research scholar and Assistant Professor of English at the University of Delhi. Her research revolves around the politics of the Indian Muslim’s identity. She has published and presented papers discussing various strands of this issue in several National and International Journals and Conferences. She did her post-graduation from Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University and that is where most of her own politics was shaped.

Manjari Thakur

Manjari Thakur is currently an MPhil research scholar at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her research interests lie in trauma studies, prison writings, protest literature and politics of violence. She has also worked as a teaching assistant in IIT, Delhi. She writes poetry and is a dog lover. When she is not doing anything, she is mostly musing on books and food!

Rajshree Behera

Rajshree is an education enthusiast, who runs the Delek Education Foundation- an organization committed to ensure equal opportunity to very child through their free library movement. She is a Young India Fellow from the 2019 batch. She has majored in Psychology and is interested to study and understand the intersections of caste and gender in Indian society.

Shreya Prasad

Shreya Prasad is a student of literature with a master’s degree from JNU. She is a nervous ball of energy who finds peace in colours and words. She recently exhibited her artworks in a conference at JNU and she now divides her time between teaching and her art page,  @a_corner_of_my_own.

Titas Bose

Titas Bose is a PhD student at University of Chicago, working on post-independent Bengali children’s fiction. She completed her Mphil from Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2018, which was a study of Bengali folktale anthologies for children in the twentienth century. She has worked as a English teacher in Cambridge School, Sriniwaspuri and then as a Critical Writing Preceptor at Ashoka University. She has a soft spot for cats, plants and naughty backbenchers in class.

She is the co-founder of the Delek Archives and the editor of its blog.

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