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Schoolchildren and Mental Health Care: Two Worlds That Rarely Meet

— By Ayushi Khemka I remember coming back home from school and switching on the small 14 inch TV that we had in our room and getting glued to watch some random American disney shows dubbed in Hindi. Most of them were based on the high school experiences of teenagers and I, being one, usedContinue reading “Schoolchildren and Mental Health Care: Two Worlds That Rarely Meet”

Tiny Drops Build an Ocean

All the anecdotes, stories, accounts here are narrated in retrospect; thus it’s foolish to assume that these accounts are the exact versions of what happened, because now when I recollect these incidents, I cannot help but juxtapose them against all the new perspectives, social awakening and continuous unlearning and relearning that I’ve done.  An importantContinue reading “Tiny Drops Build an Ocean”