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The Delek Archives

Mapping Islamophobia and Casteism in Schools

Inclusive is much more beyond just enrolment. It is changing the attitude of teachers towards student diversity, improving teacher diversity within and changing the instructional approach/quality.”

Project Ekalavya Report (An Initiative by IndusAction)



We are trying to reimagine the act of archiving as an open collaboration in this project. We believe that discrimination is as much a personal narrative of hurt, as it is a systemic pattern which repeats itself in policy decisions, administrative prescriptions, and social attitude. Most of our stories are written by people who are associated with school education in India in some way. Some of these stories developed through conversations, some through self-reflection, and some through critical empathetic reading. Some stories are reimagined in the form of graphic narratives, some are audio-visual interviews, while others are info-graphics, lesson plans, or reading lists for people interested in school education. In order to be featured in the archives’ blog, please email your contribution to us with a small bio-note. Email id:


Submission Guidelines

  1. Align with our theme. While we can publish stories about all sorts of discrimination in schools, we specifically want to document caste and religion based ones. The intersectionality of caste, gender, regionalism, racism, economic class and communalism is important to us. 
  2. You may submit personal accounts, non-fiction, scholarship, opinion essays, lesson plans for reflective teaching, comic strips, info- graphics or photo essays.
  3. We are looking for stories of 1000–1500 words.
  4. For photo essays, there should be at least 5 photos in a series, with a description of 200–300 words.
  5. Put “Blog Contribution” in your subject line while emailing the story.
  6. Please send us a small third-person bio-note of about 100 words, accompanying the story.
  7. We, at Delek, are aware that a lot of the submissions we are calling for involve sensitive information and testimonies. In case you are interested to publish with us, but want to remain anonymous, please mention it in the body of the email. Delek will get in touch with you to ascertain the reason, and publish your piece.
  8. We might edit some parts of your story, but we will consult with you about the final draft before publishing.
  9. We might be late in responding, but don’t worry. We will get back to you.

About Us

This project intends to archive instances of identity and religion-based discrimination in schools. It will map policies, surveys, curriculum evaluation and self-reflections; with a larger goal to providing a vision for justice, equity and inclusivity in school education.

Get In Touch

We have not made a public archive like this before. We need lots of suggestions, queries and feedback. Please write to us. Put “Suggestions” in your subject line.

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