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Responsibility of ‘teachers at home’

—By Ekta Andani Through this article I attempt to bring to the fore the generous contribution of our teachers at home in fostering prejudice Every Sunday morning at 11 AM a dark-skinned lady of lean physique came with a broom in her hand and shouted ‘didi’ from outside.  She was calling out to my motherContinue reading “Responsibility of ‘teachers at home’”

Back Benchers

A Comic Artist Bio Shreya Prasad is a student of literature with a master’s degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is a nervous ball of energy who finds peace in colours and words. She recently exhibited her artworks in a conference at JNU and she now divides her time between teaching and her art page,Continue reading “Back Benchers”

Madness of School Textbooks

My first day at work was unremarkable. My boss had welcomed me warmly to the team and told me to go through the existing titles of English literature school books to ‘acquaint’ myself with the content and style. “Take it easy,” she said. “Before you know it, the madness will descend.”  ‘What madness?’ I wondered,Continue reading “Madness of School Textbooks”