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What Are We Invisibilizing in Our EE Curriculum?

–By Santanu Ghosh As the global pandemic rages on, we are yet to come to terms with this invisible enemy that has claimed nearly a million lives worldwide. Theories abound as to where it originated, but there is little doubt that the spread of the virus has been aided by poor environmental regulations. The CDCContinue reading “What Are We Invisibilizing in Our EE Curriculum?”

Two Stories

Author Note: Both the stories here are based on experiences I’ve had within higher educational spaces. However, the dominant caste biases that I present in the stories inform conversations on teaching and assessment practices in schools as well. Discriminatory notions of merit and entitlement shape a large part of schooling discourse, which frequently get bolsteredContinue reading “Two Stories”

Madness of School Textbooks

My first day at work was unremarkable. My boss had welcomed me warmly to the team and told me to go through the existing titles of English literature school books to ‘acquaint’ myself with the content and style. “Take it easy,” she said. “Before you know it, the madness will descend.”  ‘What madness?’ I wondered,Continue reading “Madness of School Textbooks”