Sports Education in India

–By Poulomi Kundu Sports Education in Curriculum: Does including Sports as a subject leverage its actual potential in moulding young minds?   Traditionally, sports have never been an integral part of Indian educational system. Just having Physical Education (PE) classes in schools without any comprehensive and inclusive curriculum framework does not address the needs of childrenContinue reading “Sports Education in India”

The Importance and Potential of Entrepreneurship Education in India

A Critical Inquiry about Caste, Networking and Education On Republic Day, 2013, two billionaires, Kalpana Saroj and Milind Kamble, members of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce (DICCI) featured among the Padma awardees. “The award was less a celebration of material wealth and more one of human triumph over adversity as these two awardees overcameContinue reading “The Importance and Potential of Entrepreneurship Education in India”

Mid-Day Meal Scheme–An Unconventional Analysis

One important attribute that is essential not just for survival but also for the optimum physical and mental growth of children, is nutrition.  From the mere availability of food to the luxury of choices available in food, food teaches children the functioning of the society. It thus plays a very important role in a child’sContinue reading “Mid-Day Meal Scheme–An Unconventional Analysis”

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