Responsibility of ‘teachers at home’

—By Ekta Andani Through this article I attempt to bring to the fore the generous contribution of our teachers at home in fostering prejudice Every Sunday morning at 11 AM a dark-skinned lady of lean physique came with a broom in her hand and shouted ‘didi’ from outside.  She was calling out to my motherContinue reading “Responsibility of ‘teachers at home’”

Tiny Drops Build an Ocean

All the anecdotes, stories, accounts here are narrated in retrospect; thus it’s foolish to assume that these accounts are the exact versions of what happened, because now when I recollect these incidents, I cannot help but juxtapose them against all the new perspectives, social awakening and continuous unlearning and relearning that I’ve done.  An importantContinue reading “Tiny Drops Build an Ocean”

Tracing the Trajectory of Growing up as the Other

I wonder how early in life we begin the process of defining ourselves. Is it the same with all children, or are some of us burdened with it before and more than others? I remember I was aware of the baggage I carried when I was as young as 6 or 7 years old. TheContinue reading “Tracing the Trajectory of Growing up as the Other”

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