Islamophobia in Schools: A Photo Essay

–By Insha Bint Bashir Artist Note: Creative photography needs a lot of props and a proper set which newcomers in the field of photography like me do not have access to. If there was no lockdown and I could go outside and have a model, it would have been to my satisfaction. I tried capturing someContinue reading “Islamophobia in Schools: A Photo Essay”

Breaking the Glass Slipper: Diversity and Discord in Children’s Literature

–Shaoni Dasgupta As essential as it is to revisit the folk tales and fairy tales that many of us have grown up with, for tenets of indomitable spirit, essence of magic and believing in “as many as six impossible things before breakfast” (Lewis Caroll), the revisit must also include an interest in the re-telling ofContinue reading “Breaking the Glass Slipper: Diversity and Discord in Children’s Literature”

The Ugly Duckling

Lockdown has brought many kinds of problems in its wake.  Probably the worst hit are the children, who find themselves totally confined within four restrictive walls.   Most of them miss their daily dose of fun and games. There are some special children, who might not be able to play physical games, but they tooContinue reading “The Ugly Duckling”


A. Engage with Childhood Discovery: The First Point of Worldview Distortion Recently, in my pursuit of unconventional cinema, I came across a set of heartwarming stories that believed in the power of an unconventional and distorting worldview. More so, a child’s view: looking through the glass and playing with the spectrum of light so youContinue reading “IF WE WANT TO TEACH INCLUSIVITY TO CHILDREN, FIRST LET’S LOOK AT THE WORLD THEY SEE”

Tiny Drops Build an Ocean

All the anecdotes, stories, accounts here are narrated in retrospect; thus it’s foolish to assume that these accounts are the exact versions of what happened, because now when I recollect these incidents, I cannot help but juxtapose them against all the new perspectives, social awakening and continuous unlearning and relearning that I’ve done.  An importantContinue reading “Tiny Drops Build an Ocean”

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